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Who is Dra-COOL-a?
You may think you know the story of Puss-in-Boots, however, not many people know his master actually turned out to be the now famous vampire, Dracula.

After a relaxing tummy-rub on his master’s lap, he unknowingly exposed the underside of his neck while in full purr, providing his master with a tasty evening snack. It took a delicate, unplanned, sideways swipe of a clawed paw to dislodge his masters eye from the socket, which in turn, assisted in the immediate withdrawal of the fangs from his neck. From that night forward, he saw small changes take place, the worst turned out to be the fact that prolonged exposure to sunlight had the annoying effect of igniting his pristine fur.

Being a cat who loved daylight, he spent centuries looking for a solution to his problem. He even went so far as to invent a million SPF sunblock, which unfortunately also assisted in the removal of his tail during the first dry run. With the invention of the internet, he found Seek Solutions Umbrellas! They provided the purr-fect range of umbrellas to ensure he could spend as much time in the sun as he wanted, without having to worry about the irritating spontaneous cat combustion syndrome.

After visiting the Seek Solutions Team and using some gentle persuasive techniques (Four staff members were nearly lost), it was agreed to make Dra-COOL-a the company mascot.

Now, over the ever watchful eye of Dra-COOL-a, Seek Solutions provides a range of quality umbrellas ensuring you are kept COOL, especially while sipping your Bloody Mary.

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